Pet microchip

What is a pet microchip (dog, cat, etc.)?

The microchip is a pet identification device. This chip replaces the traditional tattoo identification. This electronic system is hypoallergenic, that is to say, it does not cause allergies to animals. It is the size of a grain of rice and it is placed under the ski. The microchip electronically contains the identification information of your pet.

Like an identification number, the information contained in the chip makes it possible to identify your pet by means of a database which contains the important information related to the animal. The owner’s contact information is also contained in the microchip.

For the plane trip, it is imperative to “microchip” your pet in order to be able to identify the animal when necessary. Most veterinarians, animal shelters and rescue centers have a microchip reader for animals. Thus, in case of loss of your dog, cat, ferret or others, you will have much more chance to find it thanks to this microchip.

The microchip for pet are with the pet passport, two very important elements to identify your pet. These documents facilitate the work of the authorities in charge of transporting your animal abroad, whatever the destination (United Arab Emirates, Wallis and Futuna, Japan, etc.)

Also find out which documents are required to fly my pet.

If you have further questions about your pet’s microchip, contact Air Transport Animal!

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