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The Air Transport Animal service caters to animal breeders who need to organise the transportation of one or more animals.

As our transport solutions are both national (within France) and international, our membership to a network of specialised companies enables us to organise the transportation of animals both departing from and arriving in France.


Transportation is no longer seen as an obstacle to your business

Sometimes future animal owners are not able to travel, in which case we are able to arrange the transportation of your animals.

We can organise this transportation for you or your clients, depending on the terms of the contract you have with them.

You will be able to drop off the animals at one of our drop-off points / agencies, or we can pick them up from a location of your choice by pet taxi.

Different services are available depending on the budget allocated for transportation. Learn about them


Transportation, a tool for development

Thanks to its knowledge of the industry, Air Transport Animal allows you to expand the domain relating to your pets.

We will assist you with arranging transportation while adhering to:

  • Transportation regulations.
    For the comfort of your animals, we strictly adhere to IATA regulations in terms of medication as well as adherence to travel cage sizes.
  • Formalities relating to exportation.
    In the case of exportation for commercial purposes, an EORI number is to be obtained from the French Customs Department.
    We will assist you with all of these procedures!
  • Formalities relating to importation.
    They depend on the country of arrival, and the subject of the importation. Within the framework of commercial trade, some countries require import permits. It is therefore not possible to import animals in the same way, it depends on whether the importer is a professional or an individual!!
    In addition, some countries do not allow the entry into their territory of animals younger than six months old, in which case the kitten or puppy will need to wait a while before joining their new family.

To find out more about the various regulations, or for more information on the procedures to be followed: Contact us!