Required documents to fly my pet by plane

What documents do I need to fly with my pet?

The documents needed to travel by plane depend on the destination. As a general rule, you will need your pet’s European passport if you are traveling within the European Union.

The microchip is also a document necessary for the trip of your pet abroad because this microchip contains the essential information of your animal but also the contact information of the animal master.

Concerning the other documents to provide about the quarantine of your animal on arrival, the various tests to be carried out, the forms to be completed according to your animal and the country of destination, we invite you to contact us in order to better prepare the trip of your pet.

You can also find out if your pet will be quarantined upon arrival in the destination country.

Air Transport Animal, expert in animal transport delivers all its expertise so that you can travel with your pet without any stress, whatever your destination (The United States, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, etc.)

Contact us, we will answer all your questions!

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