The Air Transport Animal team

Delphine, Sirandou and Joao

The Air Transport Animal team consists of 3 international Experts, Delphine, Sirandou and Joao. They are certified by IATA (the International Air Transport Association) for arranging transportation of live animals (A.V.I) by airplane.



Team arrange the transportation of your animals both for their departure and arrival in France

They are able to offer you services for the transportation of animals departing and arriving across all “four corners of the globe” (Import – Export)

In addition to the service provided for transporting your pets, team will offer you a host of other services such as:

  • Management of veterinarian appointments
  • Legalization of documents for your dog or cat
  • Obtaining an import permit
  • Booking quarantine, etc.

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Air Transport Animal is not just a transport and logistics service in charge of animals, it is a united team, driven by a common passion: animals.

“Way beyond being just a logistics profession, we are in a profession of “passion” and therefore passionate, which is as close as possible to animal’s lives!

Organizing a trip is not to be taken lightly. It’s crucial to know what the regulations are, but above all, a love for animals is a crucial aspect. For us, we truly love animals.”