Presentation of Air Transport Animal


Air Transport Animal is a transportation service dedicated to animals.

As animals cannot be considered as inanimate objects, the Bagages Du Monde Company decided to create a service fully dedicated to the transportation of animals, with 15 years of backing behind them in the field.

Whether it’s a case of animal transportation by aeroplane or the transportation of animals by road, Air Transport Animal selects reputable, certified carriers.

Similarly, all of our partners across the world are recognised for their animal transportation services owing to the fact that they belong to international networks specialised in transporting live animals.

Air Transport Animal is a close partner of Les Fittes, who is member of the IPATA network.

Finally, our other partners, vets and boarding facilities are selected according to strict quality criteria, with the well-being of your pets always prioritised.


Because the knowledge our experts have of animal transportation in terms of IATA regulations as well as importation and health regulations guarantee your favourite pets quality services together with affection and good care.

Our experts are informed professionals in the field of live animal transportation, but most of all, they have a genuine affection for them.

This ensures that no animal will ever just be considered a parcel or a figure amongst several thousand airmail letters, but rather as actual living beings.

The organisation of animal transportation calls for adherence to veterinary protocols, the organising of administrative procedures, which can prove to be highly restrictive. Our Experts are able to handle these procedures on your behalf, or assist you with them.


  • Administrative procedures prior to departure,
  • Veterinary protocol,
  • Booking quarantine,
  • Customs and/or veterinary formalities on arrival,

You will find the most suitable transportation package in the Our Services section.

We also offer precious advice to assist you with these procedures in the Our Destinations section

Finally, for any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Some of our partners:

Airline carriers:

Air France Animaux

Les Fittes Animal Boarding Facility

Pension Chiens, Pension Chats

Pile Poils Animal Boarding Facility

Pension canine, Chatterie