Accessories for comfort

To ensure your pet travels First Class!! We offer a range of accessories with the aim of improving the comfort and well-being of your pet throughout their trip!

  • Undersheets are crucial for ensuring a dry trip! The undersheet is placed underneath the covering or the carpet, allowing for absorption in the event of an accident.

From €0.50 to €1.25 per item, depending on the size of the cage 



  • A carpet, in the exact dimensions of your cage, to ensure your cat or dog travels in absolute comfort :)

From €11.00 to €43.00 per item, depending on the size of the cage 



  • A water-feeder or water dispenser allows for a drop-by-drop system throughout the trip, however we still advise you to place one or two water dishes in the cage in addition to the water-feeder.

7.00 € per unit (provided with the bottle of water)



  • The ventilator allows for better air circulation in the cage, which is a good system for animals who cannot handle too much heat, such as “flat-nosed” dogs. It works with batteries (provided) on its own for approximately 100 hours. This ventilator is extremely quiet, to ensure your pet won’t be scared by any noise.

30.00 € (provided with two batteries)



  • Dishes with a capacity of 0.7L / dish for water and food (if desired), but we advise you to only have water, as hydration is more important during travel!

3.60 € per unit

And that’s it, Rex and Felix are ready for their big departure in First Class!