You are an Individual

Transport Animaux par Avion


The Air Transport Animal service is designed for all those who need to arrange the transportation of one or several pets such as dogs and cats as well as tortoises, reptiles, ferrets, birds, etc.

You are an individual and you would like your pets to accompany you on your new life abroad – don’t hesitate to contact us!

We are here to help you with pet transportation procedures both departing from and coming in to France.


Each country has their own importation regulations, with some longer and more complicated than others.

In the latter case, arrangements for the transportation of your pets must be made a long time prior to the departure date.

In fact, the process can sometimes be lengthy and onerous between:

  • Exportation administrative procedures
  • Obtaining a certificate or import permit
  • Booking quarantine
  • The vaccination process

And most of all, to ensure nothing is forgotten!


We are here to answer all your questions and we will make every effort to ensure that your pet’s travel arrangements don’t cause anxiety or any additional stress. This is why we offer packages for the transportation of live animals in line with your expectations.

We can take over care of your pets at any time during the transportation process, and keep you updated on all the procedures to be followed.

We offer the same level of care and attention, whether we are handling your entire trip (veterinary protocols, quarantine bookings, administrative procedures and transportation needs, etc.) or only the transportation of your pets.

We provide you with regular updates on your pets and we will send you photos of them. We understand which are the key moments when reassurance is important, and we strive to ensure that you have no doubt about the fact that your pets remain in good hands throughout the entire duration of their time in our care.

Our motto: Let your pets travel first class!