ATA – The Transportation of Animals for Individuals, Breeders, Companies

Air Transport Animal offers different transport packages thus providing a wide range of services responding to different needs.

  • Whether you’ve decided to go and live abroad,
  • Whether you’re going on holiday,
  • Whether your profession requires you to do international sales,
  • Whether you’re responsible for the international relocation requirements of your employees,

Pets are part of the family, it’s out of the question not to take them along with you!

Air Transport Animal is able to provide you with a pet transportation service that meets your expectations, while also taking into account budgets.


Transporting live animals can quickly require quite substantial budgets.

Why is this?

  • Veterinary protocols are sometimes complex
  • There are long administrative procedures
  • Transportation costs are significant in terms of specific requirements and applicable transport regulations

We’re absolutely aware of this.

That’s why, together with our partners, we make every effort to offer you the most reasonable rates possible.

Whether you are an individual, a breeder, or a company with international relocation needs, you will find a package for the transportation of animals to suit your needs.