Items (leashes, toys, etc.) to send with my pet

What items can I send with my pet?

If you travel by plane with your dog, your cat or any other pet abroad, be it an expatriation, tourism or any other reason, you will might also want to send its stuffs such as its toys.

First of all, in order to reassure your pet as much as possible, it is recommended that you leave some of your pet’s toys and personal items in the transportation cage. However, to avoid cluttering the cage and to leave space for your pet, we advise you to take his belongings with you if you travel on the same flight.

If you do not travel at the same time as your pet, it is possible to securely attach small objects to the cage. So your dog’s favorite leash will be immediately available on arrival.

However, we advise you to contact us in order to give you an answer according to your situation. Each destination requires different measures. As Air Transport Animal is the specialist in animal transportation worldwide, we can help you and share our expertise. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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