Animal Transportation to New Caledonia



Leaving for New Caledonia with ones domestic animals requires vaccinations and specific screening tests depending on the species of your pet.

Here we provide some advice for the transportation of your domestic animals, including your dogs and cats.

And if your pet is a Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Chinchilla or a Ferret… ?

No problem! Contact us, we will be delighted to give you relevant advice.

By choosing the PREMIUM package, we can take care of all, or some of these steps for you.

The minimum time period between the start of formalities to be carried out and your pet’s trip is at least six months.


The importation of your pets to New Caledonia is subject to:

  • The implantation of a microchip is not compulsory (tattoos are accepted in New Caledonia!)
  • A vaccination protocol:

For dogs:
Rubarth’s disease (Hepatitis)
Bordetella Bronchiseptica

For cats:
Coryza (Calicivirus and Viral Rhinotracheitis)
Infectious Panleukopenia

A rabies titration dating less than a year, but more than three months prior to the transportation date.

Obtaining an import permit accompanied by a document called the Veterinarian Certificate for Importation.

The Veterinary Certificate must  be filled in by your usual vet.

You will be able to obtain the import permit and the Veterinarian Certificate for Importation from the SIVAP (Department for Veterinarian, Food and Phytosanitary Inspection).

  • Booking of a quarantine period. Your furry friend will need to stay in quarantine for approximately ten days before making the most of the well-deserved cuddles they’ll be getting when you meet again.

In the 30 days preceding your pet’s trip by aeroplane to Nouméa, you will need:

  • To have internal and external anti-parasite treatments done

For dogs:

  • Have screening done for:
    • Canine Brucellosis
    • Canine Ehrlichiosis
    • Leptospirosis (if the dog has not been vaccinated against Leptospirosis)
    • Leishmaniosis
    • Canine Babesiosis
    • Babesia Gibsoni

In the four days prior to the transportation of your dog or cat to Nouméa, don’t forget:

  • the anti-parasite treatments, both internal and external
  • to have your vet complete the Veterinarian Certificate for Importation
  • and that all documents must be certified by the DDPP Department – to contact them –

No stamps, no departure!

On the day of departure, we will handle sealing of your pet’s travel cage, which must be IATA-approved, by the approved veterinarian.

They themselves will indicate the seal number on the Veterinarian Certificate.

After a few hours spent on the aeroplane (on average 25 hours) and about ten days in animal quarantine in Paita, your pet will finally be able to enjoy their brand new home, with much stroking, tickling and big cuddles to go with it!!

Take note that the importation rules differ depending on the animal category. Contact us.

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Useful contacts:

The link below will direct you to the DAVAR website, where you will easily be able to find all the necessary contacts and procedures to be followed.

If you prefer, we are able to take care of all, or a part of these procedures.

DAVAR: The Department for Veterinary, Food and Rural Affairs.

SIVAP: The Department for Veterinarian, Food and Phytosanitary Inspection

2 rue Russeil – Port Autonome

BP 256 – 98845 – Nouméa Cedex

Nouvelle Calédonie

Tel : (687) 24 37 45

Mel :

As mentioned previously, your pet will need to remain in quarantine for around ten days upon their arrival in New Caledonia.

The Jean Vergès Animal Quarantine Facility opened its doors in March 2013, and is situated in Paita

If, however, your residence is located far away from it, we can arrange the transportation of your pets from the animal quarantine facility to your home (EASY+ or PREMIUM packages).

Animal Quarantine (Jean Vergès)

Lot N°37 du lotissement KSI
Ziza – Païta
Tel : (687)41.25.36

Fax : (687)41.65.82

quarantaine NOU