Four pugs and One crossed Pekingese to Senegal!!


Four Pugs and one crossed- Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel to Senegal!

Mrs M, leaving for Senegal to open a business, did not plan to leave her five dogs; 4 pugs and one crossed Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel.

The dogs lived in Switzerland, so they made a first trip from Switzerland to Paris by animal taxi, before leaving for Dakar aboard Air France.

With the help of our Swiss partners, we dealt with the veterinary procedures.

On arrival in Dakar, it was our Senegalese partner who took charge pf recovering the animals and doing the customs clearance.

You will find in the country list SENEGAL the veterinary protocol to respect for the import of dogs and cats in Senegal:

As the Pugs and the Tibetan Spaniels are snub-nosed dogs(brachycephallic), it was imperative to organise a transport by air freight.

Let’s wish Mrs M and her 5 dogs to enjoy teranga, Senegalese hospitality!

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