Calie in the land of kangooroos!!!


Calie arrives in Adelaide!!

Good morning,

Yes Calie arrived on sun 3.03. on time at Adelaide ! when she heard my voice she just wanted to BURST out of her green crate…& I cried, with happiness. you will see on the photos !

I must thank you for all your hard work to get Calie OUT of France by organizing the vets & her travel documents.  you never gave up, nor did I, & Calie had no option.

if you ever come to Adelaide we would like to see you, & I am sure Calie also wants to meet you.


She was exhausted when she arrived. she actually fell asleep sitting up on the evening.  she is settling down nicely. the open beach is still “very” big for her. but she loves the sea, the waves & the swimming. she got a quick ‘hair cut’ yesterday & looks now like a sheep that was shorn by hand… her winter coat was just too thick & too hot.

well, D., from now on 2 grateful people will thank you every morning, when they walk on Tennyson beach.

keep well & with our best wishes , also to your team & M. P.