Will my pet go to quarantine?

Will my pet be quarantined?

Once you know what quarantine is, you want to know if your pet will need to be quarantined once in the destination country.

The quarantine of your pet depends on the destination, the country of origin, and the species of your pet. Given the multitude of destinations in which you can travel with your pet requiring a quarantine on arrival, we advise you to contact us directly so we can give you a personalized answer.

However, we can give you some general information about the quarantine of pets: dogs, cats…

Quarantine depends heavily on the country of destination that enforces regulation at the national level. Most countries in the world do not require quarantine of your animal, this is the case for most countries in Europe, North America and South America. This varies, however, depending on the country of departure.

Countries with a strict quarantine policy are Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore or New Caledonia.

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