Vaccinating my animal before flying

What vaccines are compulsory for my pet before taking the plane?

To make your pet travel by plane, it is necessary to have your animal vaccinated by your vet whether it is a primary vaccination or a vaccine recall.

A rabies vaccine (anti-rabies vaccine) must be made by your veterinarian at least 21 days before departure to be considered valid. The rabies vaccine has a validity of one year exactly. The validity of the vaccine will then be recorded in his Pet European Passport, a compulsory document before your pet leaves the French territory. Also discover what is a microchip for a pet.

The rabies vaccine applies to all domestic carnivores, i.e dogs, cats and ferrets aged at least of 3 months. It should be noted that no country is immune to rabies risk, particularly because of illegal trade and illegal imports within the territories. This is why vaccination against rabies of your dog, cat and ferret is obligatory whatever the destination.

If an anti-rabies titration is required, it is best to do so 30 days after vaccination, especially if a return to Europe is wished. Know that other vaccines can be requested depending on the destination. For example, if you want to travel to Costa Rica with your dog, you are asked to vaccinate your pet against distemper.

Each destination has its own vaccination legislation, so we recommend that you contact Air Transport Animal’s team composed of animal transportation experts to answer your questions about vaccinating your pet for a trip by plane.

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