Several animals in the same transport cage

Can I fly several animal in the same cage during a flight?

As a general rule, airlines require an individual cage for each animal. Each airline has its own regulation concerning the travel of animals. We cannot assure you that they will agree to put two animals in the same cage.

Air transport can cause a lot of stress for your pet. Indeed, your pet is certainly not used to travel by plane. The trip must be prepared carefully so that your pet is in the best possible conditions. That’s why Air Transport Animal recommends using one cage per animal to ensure maximum comfort for your pet, whether it is a dog, a cat, a bird, etc.

Each animal reacts differently during a trip. As a precaution, one cage per animal is better for a safe trip. Even if your animals are used to rubbing shoulders, an air travel is unusual and is likely to disturb them.

You may also wonder how many animals are allowed on the same flight? For any other questions, contact directly our expert advisors in animal transport. We transport your animals around the world: Canada, New Caledonia, Mali

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