Quarantine of your pet on a trip

What is animal quarantine?

Quarantine is a place where animals are confined to keep them away from the rest of the population. Quarantine makes it possible to prevent the transmission of contagious diseases. This isolation of your cat, dog or other pet is imposed by some countries which fear the spread of contagious diseases to their local animals.

The duration of quarantine varies from country to country. However, in general, the average quarantine time is 10 days on the condition that the veterinary protocol and import formalities are fully respected.

The quarantine of your pet (cat, dog, etc.) in your country of destination requires a lot of paperwork to justify the health of your pet, so do not wait until last minute to carry out these procedures.

In addition, quarantine has a cost since your pet will be placed in a dedicated quarantine center. Consider quarantine as a 5-star hotel for your pet since the animals are alone in large disinfected boxes where their comfort is respected.

You can see some pictures below quarantines from Noumea in New Caledonia and Melbourne in Australia.

Air Transport Animal helps you in all these formalities, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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