The Pet European Passport

What is a Pet European Passport?

The European Pet Passport is a document issued by veterinarians. This document certifies to any European country the vaccination of your pet, especially about the rabies virus (anti-rabies). It therefore provides proof that your dog, cat, ferret, etc. has been vaccinated against rabies.

The European Pet Passport also contains the identification information of your pet’s microchip or his identification tattoo. This passport also contains the master’s contact information and details, a description of the animal and a declaration certifying that the animal is in good health and able to bear the transport.

Any information that your veterinarian considers important is therefore stored in this document.

This passport is an essential official document for all pet trips within the member states of the European Union (Malta, Portugal, etc.), it replaces the former vaccination book.

If you have questions about your dog’s, your cat’s or your ferret’s European passport, contact the Air Transport Animal team who will answer all your questions.

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