Minimal age for an animal to travel by plane

What is the minimal age for an animal to travel by plane?

To be accepted on a flight, your pet must be at least 8 or 12 weeks old depending on the airline. The required age may also be higher depending on your destination.

These measures are taken by the airlines because puppies and kittens have not fully developed their lungs which can lead to breathing difficulties during the flight. Also know that the temperature during the flight can be relatively low or high depending on the season, which affects their health. Finally, usually they are not used to their transportation cage, which adds an additional stress factor to the separation of their families often for the first time.

If you decide to adopt a pet abroad, make sure that it is old enough to support a trip by plane. A plane trip is not anodyne for an animal and even less for a very young animal. If it is not old enough, you should leave it to the breeder so that the animal can take the plane later, when it is older. Your patience will allow you to make sure your new pet arrives at your destination in good health.

Also find out which dog breeds and cat breeds are refused by the airlines.

For more information on the age required to travel by plane with your pet, contact Air Transport Animal, specialist in animal transportation! The conditions of acceptance of your pet (whether it is a dog, a cat or any other species) in the plane depend on many factors… we are here to enlighten you.

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