How is quarantine for a dog or a cat?

How is quarantine for my pet?

Quarantine is a legal requirement of some countries to protect the local population from contamination of contagious diseases. Quarantine is mandatory for dogs and cats in many countries. Among them, we can mention Australia, Mauritius, Malaysia, New Caledonia …

The quarantine duration varies according to the country of destination as each country has its own regulations regarding the quarantine of dogs and cats. For any other animal, we advise you to contact us for more detailed information. The duration of quarantine is determined partly by the incubation period of suspected diseases.

How is quarantine for a dog or a cat?

Your pet is placed on arrival in a dedicated center for a variable duration ranging from a few days to several months. The average time, if deadlines are respected, is around10 days. Quarantine centers are comfortable places for your animal. The centers are run by professionals who respect sanitary rules, hygiene and strict comforts. Quarantine is like a boarding house where your dog or cat will be in good condition.

Most often, it is possible to visit a quarantined dog or cat during the week but usually not on weekends and holidays where visits are more restricted. But these rules may vary depending on quarantine centers.

Contact us for detailed information depending on your pet and your destination! Our experts will be happy to help you.

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