Get my pet ready to travel in a cage

What to do to get my pet ready for a plane trip?

The transport cage of your pet is a key element for the journey of your pet companion. In addition to the fact that your cage must meet the IATA standards for your animal to be admitted on the flight, you must follow a few simple rules that will make the trip as comfortable as possible for your companion.



You can add comfort accessories to the cage to allow your dog or cat to feel more comfortable than if it is in an empty cage during the whole trip.

The carpet, with the exact dimensions of your cage, is a very important element because it guarantees a not insignificant comfort for your pet. This carpet will make the soil less hard and more comfy. It is an essential element for the comfort of your pet, especially when flying long distances!

Air Transport Animal can also offer protect mattresses that fit the cage. Those mattresses absorb any liquid and help keeping the carpet dry in case of accident. It is an essential accessory for a dry travel.

Regarding the heat, it can be a disturbing element for your pet and you can install a fan to keep your animal cool. It is very useful for destinations where the temperature is higher than the country of origin.

To feed him, we also advise you to provide him with water and food bowls to allow him to feed himself and hydrate during the trip. The bottle or the water dispenser is also a solution to fight against the dehydration of your animal during the trip by plane.

All these pet transport accessories are offered to our customers to allow a trip with a complete peace of mind.



Concerning the behavior to adopt to reassure your dog or your cat, we advise you to add a linen bearing the odor of its master to reassure the animal during the flight. Any objects familiar to the animal (toys, small balls, etc.) may also allow him to feel more comfortable for the trip. They should be placed in the animal’s cage.

It is also important to familiarize the animal with its cage before using it for the trip so that the animal does not discover it on the day of departure. For that, use it before the departure by associating it with a moment of relaxation like for example a game. Be careful not to associate this cage with a punishment. If you do so, your animal will not feel peaceful during the trip!

By using comfort accessories for your pet and respecting basic rules of good behavior towards your animal, you will allow your pet to travel safely in his transport cage.

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