Flying with your dog or cat

Can I take the plane with my dog or my cat?

It is indeed possible to fly with your dog or cat. Taking your dog or cat on a plane involves careful preparation so that your pet travels in good conditions. The plane remains the best way to transport your pet to a distant destination: the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, New Caledonia

Many airlines agree to fly animals under certain conditions. Since our animals are fragile beings, they are absolutely not considered ordinary goods. This is why there are specific rules to respect in order to travel by plane with his dog or cat.

Also note that some airlines limit the number of animals on the same flight, so it is necessary to anticipate your trip to travel by air with your dog or cat.

Your pet will travel in the cabin with you or in the hold depending on its weight and size.

Also check out when visiting the vet before flying your pet.

Air Transport Animal shares with you all its expertise about flying your pet and about essential subjects such as its health, comfort and everything concerning the law.

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