Expatriation and repatriation of your animal

Can I expatriate or repatriate with my pet?

It is quite possible to expatriate or repatriate your pet by plane. If you move abroad for work, family or other reasons and wish to bring your pet, this is quite possible with or without your presence during air transport.

Most airlines now accept to take charge of pet transportation. However, there are many regulations on the transportation of animals internationally in sanitary, administrative and customs matters. Pets are not commodities, so precautionary measures should be taken into account.

Whether you are going to live in the United States, Canada, China, Morocco, Israel or Australia with your pet or want to repatriate, you will have to go through many procedures, which is why it is preferable to plan your trip in advance. More and more people are living the expatriation experience but it is unthinkable for them to imagine their lives without their dogs, cats or any other companion!

Air Transport Animal is able to bring you all its expertise for the expatriation or the repatriation of your pet whatever your destination. Contact us!

Is it possible to fly with your dog or cat?

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