The choice of the means of transport: cabin, cargo or freight

How will my pet fly by plane?

Airlines have very strict rules on animal travel by plane. The weight and size of your pet (dog, cat, etc.) can determine if it will travel in the cabin, cargo or freight.

  • If your animal weighs less than 5kg then it will be able to travel in the cabin with you as long as it is in an approved IATA cage. IATA cages are standardized cages for the transportation of animals by plane.
  • If your animal weighs more than 5kg, then it will travel in the hold. Travel in the hold for animals is regulated which allows your pet to travel in decent conditions.
  • If your animal weighs more than 75kg, then neither the cabin nor the hold are suitable for transport. The trip must then be done by freight. Freight may also be the only way to travel for certain destinations and for certain species and breeds of animals.

Please note that these rules are given as an indication, if you want to know the flight conditions of your pet contact us and we will give you a precise answer.

Indeed, the transport of animals by plane depends on the species of your animal, its weight, its size and the destination. Also find out which breeds of dogs, cat breeds or animals refused by the airlines.

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