Buying or renting a cage to transport my animal

Should I rent or buy a cage to transport my animal by plane?

A transport cage is essential to fly your pet, whether it is a dog, a cat, a bird, a rodent, etc. Also be aware that the transport cage for your pet must be IATA certified.

Discover what is an IATA certified cage. An uncertified cage IATA will see the departure of your pet refused.

Regarding the purchase or rental of a transport cage, Air Transport Animal advises you to turn to the brand Vari Kennel or Vari Sky Kennel which is one of the only brands IATA approves and a brand accepted by almost all the airlines. With this mark, you guarantee the acceptance of your animal by plane.

Be careful not to buy or rent a cage in a hurry on the internet because many cages have the characteristics of cage standards for the transport of your pet plane but are not IATA certified.

Also discover our tool to choose the right cage for your pet.

Take advice from our animal transport experts to make sure you buy or rent a cage suitable for the plane transport. Air Transport Animal allows you to travel with your pet all over the world: Dominican Republic, the United States, Singapore

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