The assistance dog or emotional support dog

What is an assistance dog or a emotional support dog?

An assistance dog, service dog or auxiliary dog is a dog accompanying people with disabilities during their plane trip. 

The service dog not only helps the physical disability but also assists people with psychiatric, mental, psychic and sensory disabilities. Service dogs are a valuable help in the daily life of people with disabilities. These dogs are mainly Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. Guide dogs for example are assistance dogs.

The emotional support dog is a dog specific to people with mental disorders. Emotional support animals can reassure and calm people suffering from anxiety, depression, panic disorder, etc.

They are generally accepted by airlines for free. Due to their need from people with disabilities, their presence on board aircraft is tolerated in a totally different way from other dogs. Be aware that their presence in a cabin does not derogate from certain rules dictated by the airlines (identification of the dog, dog tied, etc.) or the country of destination (vaccination, quarantine, etc.).

Some people may be tempted to pass their dog for an assistance dog to avoid certain formalities or not to have his dog in the hold. However, a service dog is exclusively reserved for people with disabilities.

In addition, these dogs are specially trained to remain calm in all circumstances. A master wishing to get his dog for a service dog is unlikely to succeed. Indeed, there is a national certificate mentioned in Article D. 245-24-4 of the Code of Social Action and families that allows to formalize the status of the assistance dog.

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