Air transportation for exotic animals (hamster, rabbit, ferret, snake, bird…)

Can my exotic pet fly with me?

Exotic animals (or NAC in French) are all new pets that are not dogs, cats or horses. There are about 5 million different exotic animals in France, and most are:

  • rabbits, mouse, guinea pig, rat, hamster for rodents
  • ferrets, polecats, minks, for carnivores
  • snakes, iguanas, lizards for reptiles
  • parakeets, parrots, diamond, canaries, mynah, toucans for birds
  • frogs, dendrobate, axolotl for amphibians

Exotic pets do not derogate from the general rule that prevails. That is that the airlines decide which pet they allow or not in the aircraft.

Given the large number of animal species, airlines and destinations, to find out if you can travel by plane with your exotic animal, contact Air Transport Animal who will advise you about travelling with your pet.

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