Air transport of turned-up nose dogs and cats (brachycephalic)

How to take the plane with turned-up nose dog or cat?


Turned-up nose dogs (or squashed noses, flat noses) are dog breeds whose skulls are longer than wide with a flattened face. These features give these dogs unique traits that many appreciate, the popularity of these dogs has only grown over the past 20 years. The genetic selection of breeders makes these traits even more accentuated. These are bulldogs, pugs, spaniels, Pekinese…

Check out the list of breeds of dogs and cats with a turned-up nose traveling only by freight.



Because of their particular morphology, these dogs have fragile health. These dogs have a brachycephalic syndrome. The brachycephaly of the dog can be the cause of respiratory problems, digestion, problems of sight…

The nostrils are narrower than average. The palate, the larynx, the trachea, the junction between the stomach and the intestine as well as the esophagus and the stomach have particularities which are the source of health problem for the animal.

Breathing is often difficult and it decreases the exercise capabilities of the animal. The breathing can be very noisy (whistling and snoring). Lack of exercise also has bad consequences on the weight of the animal that will tend to be overweight. We can also observe digestive disorders.

The life expectancy of these breeds is below average of the other dog breeds.


The health fragility of these dogs needs to be taken into account for the plane trip of your animal. They are particularly sensitive to the respiratory environment, which is why it is preferable that they travel in freight and not just in the cabin or cargo hold.

Moreover, several airlines prohibit them on their standard flights, that is to say that companies refuse to make them travel in the cabin or in the hold but they might to it for other dog or cat breeds. The heat, the humidity, the stress worsen the breathing of the animal. Air Transport Animal makes travel your dog by freight in the optimal conditions to minimize the risks related to plane transportation.

Thanks to our transport network you will be able to travel to the USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong with your bulldog, your pug or any other flat nose dog by freight and of course safely! Ask for your quote to take with you your bulldog or flat nose dog or cat!

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